One Thing Your Life Is Missing

One Thing Your Life Is Missing

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Have you ever felt like you are waiting for something? I mean like felt like you knew there was something out there that if it happened to you would change your entire life? Or maybe it’s that you are waiting for a big event to happen because once it does then your experience will be better in an instant.

If I:

Graduate from college
Be engaged
Be married
Have a kid
Quit my job
Start my own business
Make six figures


I will find the perfect job
Be happy
Life will be safe, comfortable
Life will be complete
Less stress
I will find happiness
I will pay debt, buy a house, which will make me happy
Well, I have felt like this pretty much my whole life. And I have always thought that I was “waiting my life away.” If my life had this, I would finally not feel like I was waiting or anything. And somehow I would be complete. Now, friends, I am here to tell you this ain’t gonna happen. Here is the nitty-gritty: if you aren’t happy without then, you won’t be satisfied without. If you are stressed now, having the marriage, the baby, the job, the money is not going to somehow make you unstressed.


1. You are NOT going to get what you want if you are worried about not having it
2. If you can’t be (happy, enough, less stressed, feel better with my life) then when you get what you think you want or need it doesn’t mean that you will feel the way you were trying to feel.

I think my favorite life example of this is my desire to get engaged. I’d love to blame:
Working at a jewelry store
Working at a bridal shop
My family
But the fact of the matter is I thought that if I got engaged my life would be perfect. Now I am not saying I wasn’t happy when I got involved because, of course, I was. But when I really think about it, nothing really changed. Sure I got a beautiful ring, but that didn’t really make me happier. It didn’t make me feel more comfortable with myself. It didn’t change how I thought about the commitment I had made to my fiancé.
Now the funny thing is I thought all about this the month before he popped the question. I had spent about 10 years before hoping this would be the moment where Chris would ask me to marry him. That month before something shifted. I had been working with my life coach and talking about success and what it would look like. What would my life look like if I was successful?
I wrote out a list of what it would look like. And one thing I saw was the description of my relationship didn’t look any different. I described how we would spend time together, how we would take some trips, how we would have flexibility, and how we would support each other. All of these things were things we had to be doing. Being engaged or married wouldn’t change any of that. I realized if I wasn’t happy with the relationship I had, a ring or a piece of paper wasn’t going to make a bit of difference. WOW, was that powerful. I genuinely believe that this shift brought me closer to getting what I wanted anyway. Accepting that we were happy, that we were committed, that we were in love and enjoying all the blessings those things brought to my life, I realized that was enough.
I have spent a lifetime waiting around for things to be different because I believed that if I had them I would ultimately be better, my life would be better, I would be happier. I had to realize that all of this waiting was wasted time enjoying life itself. One thing I think I might look back on at the end of my life is that I wish I wouldn’t have done so much waiting. That I would have done much more ENJOYING.
Enjoying Love
Enjoying People
Enjoying the Moment
And less time hoping that something would happen in the future to make me love, be happy, be joyful, feel better.

I’ve learned being grateful for what you have is more powerful than the thing that we have been waiting around for. We have to work out with ourselves what the thing in our life currently in our life that we can find love in, that we can enjoy, and that we can think about or do that does make us feel better. And from there we need to sit in that thought.
Mine is watching people’s ah-ha! moments. I mean, I LOVE IT. I love when someone learns something new that just makes sense. It’s like finding the puzzle piece you have been looking for and that feeling when it fits perfectly in where it needs to. (Alright not everyone loves puzzles like I do) The happiness in their face when they just get it is brilliant. I live off of other people’s excitement.
So when I find myself “waiting my life away” for something to happen I try to spend some time thinking about a time when I watched, or better yet helped someone have an ah-ha! moment. I head to one of my masterminds and scroll through to find one of these on social. I do a live stream teaching one of the topics that I know will inspire others to really think, and search deep inside. And when I find that ah-ha! that feeling I feel when witness it, well then I don’t need the thing I was waiting for. All in the world is right.
So friend, go out today and remember the things that give you life. The things that make you feel good, the things that you love. And spend more time in those thoughts. Spend time doing those things. And spend less time waiting around for that one thing in your life that will change everything, because you can have that life-changing moment anytime you want.

Your Coach, & believer of your inner radiance,


P.S. Let’s talk about things you have waited for?  I’m not alone right?


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