The Problem Isn’t Your Problem It’s Your Reaction!

The Problem Isn’t Your Problem It’s Your REACTION!!

A lot of the time we find ourselves dwelling on our problems.  We complain about not having money, we complain about our job, we worry about our relationships, and we are scared of debt.  In my opinion, it is not the problems we face it is actually the way react to our problems that truly hold us back from doing the things we want to.

I’d love to share four tips with you on how to help you deal with your problems.  So that you can start living the life you want!

1. How you see the problem is only one point of view

There is always a different way to look at your current situation.  There is always another way to look at your problem.  When you look at a problem and it evokes fear, sadness, stress, or negative emotions that is just one side of the problem.  Take not having enough money as an example: Do you have anything to pay for right now?  Do you have the ability to buy food?  Are you holding your head just above water?  All of these things can be seen in a negative way but they can also be seen as there is light to your problem.  THINGS COULD BE WORSE.

2. Change the way you look at all things in life

This isn’t easy and it takes a lot of practice.  I have found that there are a few ways that make this a bit easier, you know putting on the rose colored glasses.

A. Meditate:  When you focus on the present there is no future to worry about no past to dwell in.  Meditation is all about focusing on the current moment and feeling everything that, that moment has to offer.   This allows you to get your mind in a good setting

B. Afformations:  These are questions that help you get excited about life.  Afformations are stronger than affirmations because of the form of the sentence.  When you are asked a questions you naturally want to answer it right? (See what I did there?) Instead of trying to repeat things these questions make your brain investigate the possibilities.  It is great to do afformations after you are in a good head space like directly after you meditate.

C. Gratitude list:  The purpose behind this is that if you fill your mind with things that make you happy, that you are thankful for it will fill your mind with positive and you won’t have energy, time, or room for the negative.

3.  Collaborate, ask for help, or higher a coach

All of these help you get out of a rut you might be in.  It is proven that most tasks are easier in a group than by yourself so why waste your energy, time, and money trying to lone wolf it? By having someone to bounce your ideas off of, support you, and also ask questions too you have the ability to handle challenges more easily.

4.  Get a “you can do this” attitude

Stop looking at your problems as problems, and start to see them as opportunities.  When you tell yourself you can do it and you know things will work out, it decreases the anxiety and fear of failure.  All things lead to growth no matter if you fall on your face or land on your feet they are all opportunities to learn, grow, and be a better person.

I love you guys and hope that these thing help you stress less, enjoy the journey, and save energy by not wasting it on worry, fear, and problems.  If you are move of a visual learner check out my YouTUBE or my LIVE PERISCOPE.

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