6 Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Life Coach

This is a question I get all the time being in the life coaching business.  And one that I can honestly answer from the perspective of a client and from the perspective of a coach.  Since the age of five I’ve always felt like I was searching for something.  You know, like there was something more to my life then what I was living.  Kinda like a piece missing, or like when your dog tugs at your pant leg for you to let them out.  I always felt like I was waiting for something, and as years passed by that waiting feeling turned more into a nagging feeling.  With a constant feeling of missing out (yeah a severe case of FOMO) I was reminded time wasn’t always going to be on my side.  I spent my first 30 years on earth waiting my life away because I was to scared to take action, or hopeful it would be taken for me.  Waiting for a better job, waiting for marriage, waiting to get new clients, waiting for my life to start, and one day something spoke to me and said “Kathryn it’s time.  No more waiting.  Time is not waiting on you.  If you don’t have what you want in your life, you have to take action to get it.  Nothing is going to change if you always stay the same, or waiting for something to happen.”

This was the day I hired my own life coach.  I had suffered with health issues around that time.  Which just increased my need to change, and was another reminder that time waits for no one.   I had spent lots of time in jobs that I hated and knew there was more to my life.  I knew it was out there I just had to find it.  So after many sessions, and obtaining a life coaching certification, and working one-on-one with my own clients, it was clear to me my job was to help encourage people to get out there and hire someone to help them achieve the success, build confidence, be an action taker in their relationships, and find freedom.  All were things I had gained from coaching and felt the desire for others to experience.   Now I do want to clarify somethings with you.



A Magic Pill

The end of all your problems

The Key to success

However the power, confidence, positive habits, and mindset that one can gain from an amazing coach is worth more than a college education, years of waiting, hours spent working on my own personal development & years of job and management training have ever helped me to achieve.  So here are what I believe to be the top 6 reasons that everyone should hire a life coach.

1. They help you look towards the future

Here is the deal.  I have been to a therapist, a counselor, and a psychiatrist.  And they all wanted to “find” something wrong with me or wrong with my past.  They all wanted to diagnose an ailment and then treat it.  I think it is very important to analyze our pasts and figure out what parts of our past we can learn from, what parts you need to let go of, and what parts have made you the way that you are.  However our life doesn’t stay in the past it resides in the present and the only way to go with life is forward into the future.  I want to make something else really clear:

THERE AIN’T ANYTHING WRONG WITH SEEING ANY OF THESE PROFESSIONALS IN FACT I RECOMMEND IT!  Your health is something you can’t get back there are specific issues that require these types of professionals.

Make sure that your metal health, hormonal health, and well being are in check.  SO here is my point of view on coaching:  We don’t live in our childhood, we can’t change what happened to us, but we do have a choice of who we are going to be today and who we are going to strive to be tomorrow!  My life coach not only helped me set goals, imagine the amazing things that my life could be, but he also encouraged me to be present in the moment and understand all of the amazing things that are happening right now. We worked together to help me let go of the things that were not serving me which included many past experiences.

2.  They hold you accountable

Let’s be honest consistency is hard.  It requires habit, which takes time to form, and time is something which always seems to fly by!  We all have busy lives, we all have things come up, and we all can get distracted from time to time.  I help my clients to remember they have made a commitment.  We work on focusing on specific aspects of their life that will make it better, and to make them better you have to be consistent in your work.  With weekly and sometimes biweekly check-ins, clients have a person who helps them focus on aspects of life that are the most important, or need the most attention.  Think it about it this way, is a person more likely to workout harder, show up to the gym, and be more consistent, on their own? Or with a trainer?

3.  They give you a honest, unbiased, new perspective on elements of life that may be holding you back

People ask me this all the time.  Why should I pay for coaching when I have friends?

1.  Your friends know you.  They have a formed an opinion about you and if they are good friends they want what they believe is best for you (and your friendship).  When you have a coach, yes, they what what is best for you too but they do not have a preconceived idea of who you are.  Coaches want you to come away from their sessions feeling like you don’t need them any more.  (At least that is my hope as a coach.) In this manner they are superior to friends because for them to be successful as coaches there has to be an end to your relationship.  With friends they want to be your friend forever, and typically would not encourage you to do anything (including growing) to lose out on the friendship. Friends foster the friendship, coaches foster your ship.

2.  Friends know you as you are, coaches only know the person you want to be.  There is nothing cooler then to watch a person have a vision of themselves, their life, their relationships, their success and see them grow into that vision.  So many people stay the way they currently are because they don’t surround themselves with people who encourage growth.  Which makes for an okay friend but does not help you if you want to make some changes in your life.  A great coach develops a plan with you to grow into the person you want to be.  They help you learn techniques to assist you identify and deal with your personal sticking points and are a constant beam of motivation.   Once coaches are done you are the person that you wanted to be at the beginning of your sessions or at least have all the tools to live your life as that person.

4. They help you improve your current relationships 

This is the number one reason people hire life coaches.  TO IMPROVE THEIR RELATIONSHIPS.  We get stuck in our own heads all the time.  We worry about what people think of us and how people see us.  This can hold people back from doing the things they want to do and being the people they were meant to be.  Having someone who works with you on your personal mindset, confidence, and communication helps you gain the ability to be more present, confident, and devote the necessary energy to the most meaningful relationships in our lives.  This is not normally the reason why clients come to me but find it is a nice bi-product of their commitment to their self work.

5.  They Empower You To Take Action

A GREAT coach first listens, and has the ability to inspire you.  A great coach will to lift you up, and motivate you to take action for yourself.  I never want my clients to do something because I say to do it.  I want them to take action because they know it is the right thing to do and because they know it will make their life better.  A great coach makes their client see that even taking small action will get you results.  While coaching my clients I do a lot of work with them on mindset.  This practices helps them so they don’t fear taking action.  It teaches them to turn that fear into excitement which drives them to take action.  We work on understanding failure.  By working on this clients learn even if they fail they are moving forward.  Overcoming fear, and understanding failure are to main parts of learning and getting excited to take action.

6.  They help you achieve Total FREEDOM NOW

When everything is said and done all anyone ever wants is freedom.  Freedom to love, freedom to do, the time to do the things that make you feel free, freedom to feel loved, and freedom to feel appreciated and respected.  You want more money to give you more freedom.  You want a better relationship with your lover, that’s all about freedom too.  You want more time, time TO BE FREE.  The funny part about this is freedom doesn’t come from someone else.  You can’t go out and find it.  Your coach can’t wave a magic wand and tell you you are free, they can’t unburden you so you feel free.  But what they can do is:

-help you address the burdens,

-learn techniques to improve mindset,

-give you exercises to build your confidence,

-and they help you understand that you are deserving of the best most free life possible.

There is no greater joy than to feel completely free!

Here is the deal if you are anything like me you are probably thinking all of these things I can do on my own.  My money is tight, I if I am going to be quite honest don’t know that any of this will even work for me.  Here is my message to you:

If you struggle with taking action, you feel burdened, you know you are struggling in your relationships, you haven’t changed in a while, you hate your job, or you just seem to be waiting your life away or struggle with consistency…

FIND A COACH and have a chat with them about their programs, get to know them, read their blogs, watch their social media.  I am not here to sell things to people who don’t need them but I am here to tell you, all of you are deserving of the life that you want.  You all deserve freedom.  You all deserve the ability to easily take action.  You all deserve great relationships.  You all deserve exciting change.  You all deserve to be empowered.  And you all deserve to learn habits to help with consistency and accountability.

If you are interested in my coaching services or more about my coaching style send me an email at kathrynsogard@gmail.com. A good life coach knows they are everyone’s cup of tea.  If this blog inspired you to seek out a life coach and you have already had a conversation with me & know that I am not the perfect fit for you send me an email anyway and I will email you back with a list of amazing coaches that I highly recommend.

I want you to achieve complete freedom.  I want to support you in your journey even if that is just helping you find the right coach.   For free LIVE daily coaching Click HERE!

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