Case of the Monday’s? KICK MONDAY’S A$$ ON FRIDAY


Hate Monday’s?  You’re not alone 64 Million Americans hate Mondays according to a LinkedIN BLOG by William Cobb.

Don’t want to read all of MY BLOG!  Don’t worry I’ve got a YouTube video for you!

It is my belief that we hate Monday’s for TWO main reasons:

1.  We get out of our routine during the weekend
2. or We spend our weekends not getting ANYTHING DONE

I want to give you 4 tips to rock your Friday so that you will stop hating Monday and kick it’s A$$ 3 days before it even starts.

1.  Pick 1-3 tasks you want to get done TODAY (on FRIDAY!)
Plan them out, how long will they take?  What do you need to get them done?  When this weekend are you going to do them.  By doing this you will be sure to get them done.  You won’t have to worry about not getting it done.  You will also won’t have to worry about forgetting to get the important items on your to list.

I know the weekend is the time to rest and recover, and a big part of that is sleep.  However when you break your normal routine it is harder to pick it back up on Monday (thus one of there reason’s Monday’s SUCK BALLS.)  If you need to catch up on sleep I’d love for you to try finding time to nap or going to sleep a little bit earlier, this way you catch up but you don’t break your habit of getting up.

I say this because you have more time to do so, with larger gaps of time to pass the time watching those cute cat videos, pinning stuff on Pinterest (you know you aren’t even going to ever look at again), and insta-stalking people on IG.   Did I mention it is easier to be on social media because we are in places where we have access to wifi 99% of the weekend.  SO here is the perfect way for your to limit your time on social media.  HIDE THAT CHARGER!  This way you only have so much battery life, and you have to limit your time using social!

You don’t have to be on the same exercise grind you are on during the week but make sure you get some PA in.  This makes getting back into your weekday schedule so much easier. Plus this is the time that you can change your workout habits up because you are less pressed for time.  The weekend is the perfect way to try some different exercise, get out in nature, or even extend your normal workout.  I of course like to keep mine in the AM so I have plenty of energy the rest of the day, plus it requires me to get out of my pjs, if only for the workout and shower!

Hope these tips help you kick MONDAY’s ASS.  If you need more energy, I encourage you to head over & JOIN CLUB SPARK,  This is the place where you are going to find all of my content, all of my new products and services, and get amazing support and accountability.

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